Classic Conditioning

Is a method inside behaviorist psychology that involves pairing a previously neutral stimulus with an unconditioned stimulus. This unconditioned stimulus naturally and automatically triggers a response known as the unconditioned response. After associating the neutral stimulus and the unconditioned stimulus, the neutral stimulus will start to evoke the conditioned response.

Classic conditioning operates inside the core of a game, though each title is a different world from another, their deep mechanics usually holds (voluntarily or involuntarily thought by designers) a system that places neutral stimulus defined as a convention through all of them, such as popping up a shining prize and glittering sounds when receiving a winning message or relating specific sounds to the close trigger of an specific event. Inside such framework, the player behavior is modified by the pairing of neutral and unconditioned stimulus, resulting in conditioned responses.

Moreover, some classic conditioning doesn’t really have to come directly forwarded by the game’s learning process. If, for example, a game places a rock which actually is collapsing the way to proceed, the player will instantly try to push all buttons in order to move it, reacting to a stimulus that has been modified previously to the action of playing a game. Inside sequels classic conditioning also plays a key role, letting experienced and veteran players to quickly resolve challenges by the previous learn of the workflow of mechanics and dynamics.

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